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Get your business online with
Tech ADR IT Solutions

The interest of our customers is always the top priority for us, so we hope you will enjoy our products and services as much as we enjoy making them available to you. Then, what are you waiting for!
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We provide the best digital services

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Website development


Application Development

UI/UX Design

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Logo Design

Intro Video

Universal / Local Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Google Analytics


Notification Integration

SEO Content Writing


Social Media Management

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Email Marketing

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More services will be added soon...

We'll help you to grow your business.

Lets start journey of building your digital world/brand.

  • Online Presence
    We will help you, to stand in traffic of a variety of your competitors.
  • Marketing strategy
    We will discuss and execute a marketing strategy to boost your sales/contact.
  • Promote Local Areas
    Let's promote your business/shop/etc. in your neighbouring areas, just by targeting those people and showing your ads to only them.
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Work smarter,
Not harder.

This is the key to greater productivity and bigger results.
"Work smarter, not harder" means having a logical strategy to prioritize your most important activities, so you end each productive day feeling satisfied rather than overwhelmed, over-committed, frustrated, and overworked.

  • Website & App Development
    We will build your Website/Application with good UI/UX.
  • Logo Design
    We will give soul to your business by making a logo that will glow the light of your business.
  • Digital Agency & Marketing
    We will plan your marketing strategy and build your online audience.
  • Planning To Startup
    We will provide everything from building a brand to the registration of a business.
  • Content Management
    We will provide a staff who will manage your content on the digital platform and make a poster to post on the digital platform.
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Some of our Work


RSS News + Search engine

Onion Ride

Search Engine + AIO


Question Paper + Blog

Word Counter

Online word counter

S Maheshwari Global Pvt. Ltd

SMGPL Import/Export

PDF Drive Search

PDF/any extension Search Engine

Where we are located

At present, our office is located in 3 areas.

Our customers are always welcome, as you can contact us in person or on-call / video call as per your preference.

Tech ADR IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
195-Citi Mall,
Andheri link road,
Andheri West, Mumbai 400053

Tech ADR IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Off. No. 2906,
Laxmi Baag, Ketkhadi,
Vangaon, Tal:- Dahanu,
Dist:- Palghar, 401103

Tech ADR IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Near Dahanu Railway Station,
Dahanu Road, Dist- Palghar,
Tal- Dahanu, 401602
(Office Location Will be updated soon)

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